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Influenza Immunisation 2019 Now Available

Influenza Vaccinations for Children over 6 months, adults and seniors over 65 are available. Subsidised by government for at risk groups. Please check with your Doctor if you belong to one of these groups. Pneumococcal Vaccination for over 65 and Shingles Vaccine at 70 also available.


It's normal to develop some mild forgetfulness as you get older. Dementia, in contrast, is a disease of the brain that severely reduces memory and thinking skills. It can eventually cause a decreased ability to do daily tasks such as driving, shopping or even talking to a friend. Alzheimer's Disease is the most common type of dementia. It gradually gets worse over many years. While it has many risk factors - including age, genetics, environment, lifestyle - the importance of each factor varies between individuals.


It's not known what can definitely prevent Alzheimer's. But we do know how you can reduce the risks. As it happens, they're the same things that decrease diabetes, heart disease and cancer risk - a healthy diet and weight, regular exercise, not smoking. Keeping your brain active, also reduces your risk. Recommended activities include social engagement such as work, volunteering or living with someone. Also mental stimulation such as lectures and reading books and magazines.

Keeping Your Brain Active

Challenging the brain with new activates especially helps to build new brain cells and strengthen connections between them. Activities can include learning a new language or sport, and doing a study course you’ve always wanted to do. Computer programs for brain training (also called brain exercises) are also widely available. They can improve memory and thinking skills, if you don't have Alzheimers although each type of program varies in the brain functions that they help. Once again however there's no proof that brain training can definitely prevent Alzheimers. In addition, the research shows that any benefits may be best achieved under expert supervision in a training center, rather than doing brain training alone at home. Do speak to your GP and visit

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